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This Ad Stinks

Production February 1, 2020 JPaulJones

Don't Mind The Toilet

What’s the weirdest conversation you’ve ever had on the phone? Bet it wasn’t about toilets for a video shoot. Sounds strange but these are the moments where we recognize just how unique our jobs are here at Nimaroh. Finding a fake toilet and convincing someone to sit on it while you film a commercial? If we cared about resumes here at Nimaroh that would certainly be at the top of ours.

JPaulJones approached us to make a promotional video for a product that was having trouble picking up momentum in sales. They knew that a strong marketing campaign could change the tide for this product to bring in stronger sales. A goal like this calls for a bold video ad campaign that catches people’s eyes in a big way. Our biggest challenge wasn’t coming up with the idea, we had plenty of fun in that brainstorming session, but instead, the struggle was with the behind the scenes logistics to make our vision happen. Finding actors that were willing to sit on a toilet was a bigger challenge than we thought, their agents weren’t the easiest to convince. Then finding a location that would allow us to put a toilet in proved to be difficult as well. Ultimately, it came down to being proactive in finding a location and talent while still being able to adhere to our schedule. We knew someone was crazy enough to say yes, we just had to find them. The biggest thing we learned? How to pitch a crazy idea and make it work.



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