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Stay True Campaign | VYB

DesignMarch 30, 2018VYB Company

Campaign To Project The Values Of A Lifestyle Brand

YouTuber Casey Neistat said it best: “When we’re told that we can’t, we all have the same answer: ‘Watch Me’”. The “we” he’s referring to are creative thinkers — modern entrepreneurs and innovators who push the bounds of what can and can’t be done. Most people call it an obsessive insanity, while these minds call it their job, profession, and lifestyle. They stay true to themselves as they live and breathe what most people would never even consider attempting.

“Stay True” happened to be our unofficial motto around the workplace at VYB Company. This campaign’s goal was to capture the restless spirit of freedom that everyone is born with and the urge to do something and be something that scratches that comes with it.

These designs were for digital and print campaign (not screen printing, like our usual product at VYB) so our color usage had no limits. We did, however, try to preserve the look of blocked-in colors that is a direct result of beginner screen-printing constraints.

To inspire creatives and instigate hype for our upcoming line we posted some of the following designs around the local college campus.


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